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Connect those gifts with a service-based business


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Make a difference by doing what you were born to do


Expand your opportunities with the Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition book and course bundle by Business Expansion Coach & Strategist, Shaniece M. Wise!


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Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition book and course bundle will show you how.


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“I watched people transform right before my eyes. More importantly, I felt myself transform. The training and the leading from Shaniece’s God-given abilities are unprecedented. Shaniece is extraordinarily gifted in her field.”

Jo Ann M. Allen, Sales Director

It’s Time to Focus on YOU!

You’ve been living your life building someone else’s dreams.


It’s time to focus on you and your dreams.


Your heart’s true desires are a compass pointing the way forward toward a greater purpose for your life. Let them lead you to a life you love living and a business you love so much you’ll never want to retire.


The Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition book and course bundle will show you the way.

Hustling and Grinding Isn’t the Only Way to Rise and Shine…

Most people believe that hustling and grinding are the only ways to reach the top.


The truth is: hustling and grinding will wear you out and wear you down.


Doing the work you were born to do will bring success flowing in your direction with ease and abundance. To get to that place, you first have to learn to trust yourself and your intuition. You must discover the value of your gifts before you can make great money using them.

If you don’t know how to do that, the Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition book and course bundle will show you how.

“Shaniece has been my coach for almost a year. Before starting to work with her, I did not know where I was going, nor could I find my own unique voice. From day one, Shaniece has always allowed me to tell her my ideas, and she has given me the tools needed to develop them and take action.”

Pamela Stone, Founder and CEO of Declutter

Starting a Business from Scratch Will Challenge You Like Nothing Else…

Even if you’ve been the CEO of someone else’s company or been successful in selling and marketing someone else’s products and services, it doesn’t prepare you for starting a business from the ground up.


Your new business doesn’t have a pre-established template where all the problems have been solved and you know exactly what to do, when to do it, and in what order it should be done to have the greatest impact.


You are blazing a new trail, one where the road is not yet built, and you must figure out where the pits are, as well as the potholes, and fill them. It takes a whole new level of courage, resourcefulness, perseverance and – yes, faith – to handle these challenges and overcome them.


You have what it takes. I believe that or I would not offer you this course.


The Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition book and course bundle will help you find the “why” that will help you rise to the occasion and meet those challenges head-on. It will help you to prepare yourself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and even financially for what you’ll be up against as you work to build your dreams.

Facing Down Your Insecurities and Fears is Step One in Your Success Journey…

Building a business from the ground up involves taking risks – gambling on yourself. Every insecurity inside you causes you to doubt yourself – even to wonder if you can make it.


You can end up bowing down to discouragement, allowing failures to become permanent defeats rather than using them as learning opportunities in disguise.


That’s why you need a mentor. You need the guidance of someone who’s been there before you. The right mentor knows what to expect and will help you handle those challenges as they arise.


In this book and course bundle, you will be mentored on how to address those fears, insecurities, and anxieties before you even begin building your business. Once you’re done, you’ll be as prepared as possible for the adventure that awaits you.

Start a Business and Make More Money While Doing What You Love!

Start a business using your gifts and get paid well to do what you love. Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition book and course bundle offers self-paced instruction that will help you connect with your heart’s desires, activate your hidden gifts, and use those to serve others so you can make money in return, unlocking the doors to financial and personal success.


Click the button below to get chapter one, “Your Transformation Begins Now,” inside my complimentary Business Resource Center and get on your way to living your best life today.

Taking a 360° View of Every Client…

The biggest mistake business owners make all the time is focusing solely on growing and developing their businesses without growing and developing themselves.


The truth is simple – a business can only grow to a certain point beyond the personal growth and development of the individual that founds it. Otherwise, that business will end up collapsing in on itself. Why? The foundation isn’t strong enough to support that growth.


That’s why this course is built with the “I AM” framework – Identify, Activate, and Multiply – then works to find out “Who You Be!” That’s where we dig to find the intersection between what you love doing and what you can do with ease and excellence.


When you show up doing what you love doing, ready to serve others with your gifts, that’s when the doors open and the things you desire come to you without effort.

Choosing the Wrong Business to Start Can Lead to Business Failure

According to an article published in February 2019 by Small Business Trends, thirty-three percent of small business owners lack the motivation they had when they first started their business, and the high level of stress that goes with entrepreneurship is one of the biggest contributors.


Nineteen percent of small business owners failed due to having the wrong business model, while five percent failed due to burnout and a lack of passion for their businesses.


That’s one of the main reasons to purchase the Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition book and course bundle.


You avoid the problem of starting a business only to find yourself feeling trapped, miserable, and burned out by the very thing you were hoping would help you live your dreams.

Choosing the Right Business Starts with I AM!

Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition book and Course Bundle is part of a 3-step process developed by Shaniece M. Wise to help you unlock your dream life and start a business doing what you love doing by helping you activate your gifts, do what you were born to do, and begin serving others.

The first step is IDENTIFY. It begins with identifying what your gifts are so you can move into alignment with what you were born to do.

The second step is to ACTIVATE. The course will help you create a plan to use your gifts in a way that you were born to do so that you can start making the difference you were born to make.

The final stage is to MAXIMIZE. During that stage, you’ll develop the systems – and the strategies – that will allow you to maximize your impact and increase your revenue without increasing your workload – or the time you spend on your business.

The Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition book and course bundle will help you IDENTIFY what your gifts are and ACTIVATE them so you’re ready for the next stage of the process, MAXIMIZE.

What the Book and Course Bundle Includes…

The book and course bundle includes a copy of Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition, and the 7-module online course which goes with it.

Activating Your Gifts™, 2nd Edition: 15 Steps to Prepare for Entrepreneurship

The book is designed as a companion to the course. It offers plenty of space for you to record your thoughts as you work through the exercises.


The key to your success isn’t so much reading the book as working through the exercises, using what you’ve read to uncover and activate your gifts, find a business you’ll love doing and that will allow you to put those gifts to use serving others, all while making good money doing it.

The Activating Your Gifts™ Online Course

The course is broken into just seven modules. In these modules, you are shown how to:


  • Find what you were born to do so you can unlock the greatness within you.
  • Uncover the unique gifts given to you in order to serve others.
  • Activate your gifts by discovering the many ways you can make money serving others.
  • Start a business doing work that you love and that brings you profits every time you serve others with your gifts.
  • Create and live the life of your dreams as you make a difference by doing what you were born to do.

The Activating Your Gifts™ Online Course 7-Module Breakdown

Here is what you can expect from each module of the Activating Your Gifts™ self-paced online course:


Learn how to connect with your heart and the desires of your soul so that you can discover “Who You Be” and what it is that you are born to do so you can step into your greatness and uncover your unique anointing.


Compartmentalize your mind to get past the emotional and mental clutter of “should” haves and “could haves” so you can tune in and focus on what it is you love doing – without regrets.


Discover what you have to offer the world, then start applying what you learn through a series of activities designed to move you forward so that you understand the value of what you bring to the table and what it can do to transform the lives of those you serve and the world around you.


Learn how to think differently about yourself and your gifts, then start preparing to attach those gifts to a business that will serve others. In that way, you are always doing what you were born to do, which will bring business to you with ease and flow rather than hustling and grinding you down.


Start building a strong foundation by organizing your life and learning how to manage time through a 21-day consistency challenge. Here, you will begin developing the trust and confidence of those around you.


Identify the right business for you by discovering your purpose – then connecting your gifts to the things that bring you joy and excitement so you are developing a business that you love so much you never want to retire.


Your business will never get off the ground until you start stepping up to serve others with the gifts you’ve been given. In this module, we’ll share strategies for you to identify, then capitalize on opportunities to serve others by doing what you were born to do. You can unlock the door to your dreams and make money by making a difference in the lives of those you serve.

A Lifetime of Value…Just $525!

Reading the Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition book and working through the exercises, combined with taking the course, won’t just prepare you for entrepreneurship. It will change the way you think about yourself, bringing a lifetime of value to you.

Replacing Your Current Income is Possible!

Who Am I?

My name is Shaniece M. Wise. I wasn’t always a business expansion coach and strategist. There was a time when I was just like most of the clients who enroll in this program. I was:


  • Not listening to myself or trusting my intuition.
  • Convinced that hustling and grinding were the only ways to rise and shine.
  • Undervaluing my gifts while not doing the work that I was born to do. Why? I didn’t think I could make money doing it.
  • Shrinking in on myself, allowing myself to be stripped of my personality and changed until I wasn’t me anymore.
  • Afraid to let go, because I didn’t think I could afford to lose one more thing in my life.


I didn’t realize that by staying in that situation, I was losing myself!

I’d built a successful Mary Kay business and earned several pink Cadillacs. Women were coming to me for answers about how to build their own businesses. While I loved the business consulting and coaching that I did with those women, I didn’t love my business.


I felt trapped in that model – I didn’t think I could replace the income I was making. I felt confined by the rules of operation like I’d been put into a box. I didn’t belong in that environment and something in me knew it.

I knew I didn’t belong with Mary Kay anymore, but I didn’t know where to go next. How could I sacrifice the income and stability I’d built for my family through Mary Kay without having anything to replace it?


I also knew I could not go back to working in the corporate world. Just the thought of it made me feel like I was putting on a straitjacket.


Eventually, I lost my home. My credit was in the mud. I felt like a failure. I was so ashamed. I was sure that if people knew how bad things were, they’d say, “I told you so.” I couldn’t stand that thought. It got so bad I even thought about taking my own life. My son was the only reason I didn’t. I knew this couldn’t be all there was to my life. There had to be something better. There had to be a better way.

Both God and my family intervened to help pull me out of that situation. God showed me that everything I went through on the way out of that bad situation was for people like me – and, by extension, people like you. I was prepared to serve you, to help you reach your highest potential.


Living through that period, I learned to fight differently – to walk with the Lord in a different way. That time in my life led me to realize the most important truths of my life:


  • My heart’s true desire was a compass pointing the way forward to the greater purpose of my life.
  • Operating in alignment with what I was born to do brought success flowing my direction. It did so with ease – no hustling and grinding necessary.
  • Only when I was ready to listen to myself and trust my intuition would other people start listening to and trusting in me.
  • Doing the work I was born to do – using the gifts that I was given to use – didn’t just equip me to make money, it equipped me to make a difference.
  • Letting go of what I didn’t love was the only way to open myself up to receive what I truly desired and love!


I felt like a flower blooming. I got my swag back. I started showing up and being visible again. It took time, but after I forgave myself, my dreams began to come true because I finally gave myself permission to live them.

Activating Your Gifts, 2nd Edition Book and Course Bundle is based on the work I did to figure out what I loved doing so much I never wanted to retire or stop doing it, and then positioning myself to turn my gift into a profitable business that would free me from being chained to a business that no longer fit me.


Almost two decades later, I’ve spoken on stages across the United States. I was recently featured in the Influence Digest as one of the top 20 coaches in my market space. These accolades are wonderful, but what matters most to me is seeing those I work with win.


My clients find themselves able to grow their businesses from between 60% and 200% – or more – within 12 months of working with me, NOT because I am great but because I found my gifts and activated them. I put them to work serving the people who needed them most. In return, I’ve been able to build the life of my dreams, even as I help my clients do the same.


Let me help you get started building your dreams, too!

The Road to Six Figures and Beyond Begins Here

This program is easily worth ten times what I’m charging for it, but I know what it’s like to be stuck in a life of limitation, so I am investing in you with a 90% discount. Why? Because I believe you are worth it.


I know that – by investing in you with this program – you’ll be able to take the steps needed to be ready to receive my next program, Build a Six-Figure Business NOW.


Believe in yourself and believe in your worth. If you can’t believe in yourself, believe in my belief in you. Know that better things are on the way for you, and they can begin today.

All you have to do is enroll and then act on what you’ve learned so you can start living the life of your dreams and making the difference that you were born to make.

Don’t Let Money Be the Reason You Say "No" to Your Dreams!

If, right now, $525 is more of an investment than you can afford to make, purchase the book and start there. Work through the exercises. They will help you take steps forward while opening your eyes to new possibilities.


Then, when you’re ready, you can come back and enroll in the course. In this way, you’ll finish the preparation for the next step – Build a Six-Figure Business NOW™.

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